Sitemap - 2023 - The Boil Up

One last spoonful

Popcorn has one job. So what happens when it won’t pop?

Food reckons from a (self-anointed) enlightened tourist

Would you like caviar with your corned beef?

The night I learned the truth about pine nuts

How New Zealand’s beer culture came to be

Notes on food in Palestine

A desperate plea to fellow cafe-goers

Dining that’s more specific than Pacific

The joys of central city soups and small town slices

What does it mean to cook modern Chinese?

A taste of democracy

Winston Peters should take over the Green Parrot

You are what you don’t eat

Blending the wine world with te ao Māori

From the dining table to the bargaining table

Goodbye wisdom teeth, hello mush

A taxonomy of burgers

How we eat (or don’t) when we’re grieving

Turning the croquette into a vessel for culture

In defence of curly parsley

What makes a dairy beautiful?

The seven stars of kai Māori literature

Putting extinction on the menu

The unexpected delight of a food tour in your own city

Where the oysters grow

How to boycott the produce section

An ode to the omnipresent glass fish plate

The art of chaotic cooking content

The best buns in town

The joy of splurging on lollies

The politics of pastries

Deputy principal by day, fish and chip reviewer by night

Let them eat tinned fish and dried lentils

Shared scents and the memories they hold

Feeding the archives

Loaves of rēwena in the spotlight – literally

Forging community through feijoas

A taste of the future in Kirikiriroa

The magical world of restaurant staff meals

Decolonising the bread aisle

Biscuits, bifana and bowls of noodles

Offstage at Te Matatini, it’s the kai that sings

In times like these, how do we talk about food?

Unpacking the meaning behind suitcase food

A city underwater

Revisiting an old food foe

Finding clarity among a cacophony of kai